Our Essence is Love


How would our life change if we were to accept that the true essence of who we are is love? Would our view of ourselves and the world shift? This can be a challenging thought because we may not see this love in our behavior or that of those around us. For some reason we may not be very loving of ourselves and others either.


Looking in the mirror, what do we see? Do we see a person who lives through the love at the core of their being? Or, do we see someone who is seeking love and acceptance everywhere but within themselves? Thereby never feeling the security of unconditional love.


If we were to have the courage to silence our negative self-talk and self-doubt, we might begin to feel the love found at the core of our existence, flowing through us. Often, our limiting beliefs also prevent us from experiencing this powerful source of love. We don’t believe this love exists because we have never felt it. The more we doubt the presence of this love, the greater the distance between us and this love.


How do we know this love is even within us? This is where we filter through the negative things we think, speak, and do, with the intention of discovering the behavior that brings us lasting joy and happiness. Yet many times we are so distracted, looking away from our inner peace, we don’t know what it means to silence the negative mental chatter.


The noise in our head began when we were young. Those we loved taught us what to think, what to say, even how to behave. In most cases these teachings did not align with the truth at the root of who we were. We may have been taught not to trust a certain kind of person.


This can cause us to prejudge someone based on what little we know about them. Our heart may be saying one thing, leading us in the direction of love. Yet what we have been taught by those who claim to love us may be steering us toward the negativity of judgement and hate.


While this contradiction is going on within us, we are unsure what to do, what to say, or how to behave in a way that makes us feel connected to our inner source of love. If the feeling of deep unconditional love is new to us, we may not trust it, thereby falling back into the safety and comfort of old patterns of thought and belief.


When this happens, we have separated ourselves from our inner love guiding us along the path to living to the fullness of who we are. But this love is eternal, and ever-present. No matter how badly we think we have behaved, this love will always be there for us. Ready when we begin the inner work of silencing the chatter as we seek a connection with this powerful flow of love.


As we become aware of this love, we release our need to judge ourselves and others. We realize everyone is doing the best they can, and may be fighting an inner battle we know nothing about. When we stop our need to judge or criticize others, we open the door to kindness and compassion. It is here where we allow our love to fill our being.


One of the interesting things about life is the more we focus on something, the more we will see that in our daily experiences. If we focus on negativity, we will see more negativity, giving us reasons to justify our negativity.


The opposite is also true. When we walk through life sharing our love, we discover more reasons to be kind and loving, thereby strengthening the reasons we are sharing our love.


Is it possible sharing our love is a choice? Of course it’s a choice! We can choose what thoughts to think, words to say, and the actions we take. When we choose to accept that the essence of who we are is love, we will begin to see the world change in a positive direction, right before our very eyes.


Do you agree? Let me know what you think. Leave a question or comment below. I’m always interested to hear your point of view.


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