Walk Away


It’s not easy to walk away. For many of us, we have been taught to stick it out, work through it, suck it up. In living this way we shrink, crushed under the weight of sacrificing our well-being to satisfy the opinions of others.


Walking away from a relationship can be a touchy subject. People don’t want to believe their behavior may be the reason we chose to walk. Yet they fail to accept their role in the outcome. Walking away means we are walking away from something or someone. Usually when we walk we are blamed.


Why is it we cannot grasp the concept of creating a safe environment for those around us to speak freely. Are we so immature we don’t want to hear what is making others miserable? Is it because we are uncomfortable with who we are, we choose to ignore what another person is feeling?


Oftentimes walking away is a last resort, we have no other options, no one wants to hear us, so we walk. Yet we walk because we may not be secure in our own selves to speak honestly. We may believe that blame will be placed on us for waiting too long before we sought a resolution. This may be true, although if we felt safe and heard in the relationship, we would have spoken up for ourselves sooner.


It does not end with walking away. We often have to look within ourselves to find the root cause of our behavior. I had a pattern of walking away, when I noticed the pattern I began the inner work to uncover the reason. I discovered I didn’t love who I was enough to speak up for myself. I remained silent as a way to maintain the acceptance of those involved.


My thought was if they accepted me, I had value. Yet I never felt enough acceptance to support my self-worth. I was looking in the wrong place for acceptance and worth. I have since learned I must look within myself for what I was asking of others.


It’s a hard lesson to learn that those who claim to love us will only love us if we follow their conditions. As long as I behaved a certain way, I was accepted, but as soon as I questioned their behavior, I was the problem. Their condition was for me to remain silent and fall in line.


Yet how many of us live this way? Are we asking others to validate our existence? In doing so we are valuing the opinions of others over what we know to be true and right for us. We must learn to love ourselves so deeply that what others think of us is none of our business. Their opinion of who we are, or who we should be, is not to be used as a guidebook of who we are becoming.


When we walk away from someone or something, we are leaving a part of ourselves behind. The part that was unsure of who we were. The part that needed validation from others. This part of us does not serve our higher good, it only weighs us down. Shedding this aspect of our persona, frees us to move forward with a clear idea of who we are meant to be.


Although if we want to grow from the experience, we must take the time to review our behavior. The intention is to see if we can develop more self-love, more inner strength, and more resolve to be true to ourselves.


As we grow emotionally we are more courageous to speak our truth before walking away. Of course speaking up ahead of time is best, but it is not always easy. If we do speak up, then get punished for doing so, at least we did our part. There is the possibility our words will be used against us. If so, we have no choice but to walk away.


If this is how it unfolds, then those around us do not want to hear what we have to say. It may threaten them. We may love them, they may claim to love us, but the difference of opinion may be too great to overcome. Then walking is a viable option.


We walk away because we may have no other choice. We walk because we are tired of living in silence to keep others comfortable. We walk away because we know the unknown is healthier for us than remaining in a toxic relationship. We walk because we know our life has value, even if others deny it.


In the long run, walking away is a powerful act of self-love, although we may not know it at the time. All we know is for our survival we must take action, even if it means walking away into the unknown.


Has walking away been the only option in your life? Let me know what you think. Leave a comment or question below. I’m always open to exploring the subject further.


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  1. Walking away from my marriage was a process, many months were spent in trying to be heard to no avail. I am glad I did what I did, and have no regrets although it was the most painful thing I have ever done. The journey back to self has become a mission. One that will not ever be sacrificed again. Thank you for your words.


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