What is Love?


What is love? We may think the answer is obvious. Yet finding the right answer might be a bit more challenging than we think. Is love sacrificing our dreams for others? Is love changing who we are to please those around us? Is love asking others to change who they are as a way to make us happy? Is love being true to ourselves, no matter how challenging it may be to be authentic?


So many questions about love. We can even ask if our love is true, or a form of emotional attachment. Some would say that love is only a chemical reaction occuring when two people meet. As we contemplate these questions, have we looked within ourselves for the love we seek from the outside world?


As I look back over my childhood, I can’t remember anyone telling me I should love myself first. It always seemed I was to sacrifice myself for the approval of others. For some reason we are taught that acceptance means love. When we are accepted by others, they love us. Is that the case?


Much has been said about loving ourselves before we can truly love another. This may be true, because if we cannot love ourselves, we may never know how to give our love freely. To love ourselves we must journey within to uncover our own source of never ending love.


Now imagine a source of love that has created all we can see in the night sky and beyond. This can be a challenging thought, because there will be questions we cannot answer. Not being able to answer questions like these makes us uncomfortable. When we ask what is love, we enter into a conversation few of us have ever had. We assume love is being liked on a deeper level, let alone something that has created everything around us.


When we begin the journey of reconnecting with the truth of who we are, we must be willing to shed the thoughts and beliefs preventing us from realizing our inner source of love. We may think we love ourselves, but do we hate the way we look? Are we bitter because we are not rich? Do we believe our negative self-talk?


To love ourselves is to love who we are when we are up and feeling great, and we must love ourselves when we are at rock bottom. True self-love loves us no matter where we are on the scale of emotions. Loving ourselves no matter what is going on in life is the best we can do for ourselves and the world around us.


What if true love is so powerful we cannot describe it in mere words? We try to relate it to other emotions, yet there is no comparison to true unconditional love. Which is a good thing, because when we feel the love found at the core of our being, it will not be confused with any other emotion.


Connecting with the love found at the core of our being gives us the strength to share this eternal, never-ending source of love with the world. We can love freely without attachment, conditions, or expectations. In a sense the only way we can answer what is love is to find love within ourselves. As long as we are looking for love in the outside world, we may be looking for love in the wrong places.


Can you answer this question? Let me know what you think, leave a question or comment below. I’m always open to hearing what you think.


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Demons are not only limited to our outbursts of negativity. They can haunt us through the day. They whisper in our ear we are not good enough, not smart enough, not good looking, what were we thinking. I could go on, but you get the picture. Demons are the voices of our self-doubt and negative self-talk.


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I wish Tracey and her partner the very best in the future. I know Tracey well enough to know she will continue doing what she can to shift consciousness. Best of luck my friend.


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