Why Is It?


Why is it we ask the world to change to please us, yet we refuse to change ourselves? I would guess because it’s easier to want others to change, than it is doing the hard work of shifting our perception of the world around us.


The thing about change is we have to be strong enough to look within ourselves. Thereby discovering the reasons we choose to remain in a place of comfort, even if this comfort does not align with our authentic self.


To make any lasting change we have to examine our thought, beliefs, and actions, then clearing away those that do not serve our higher good from our consciousness. As challenging as this sounds, this is how we clear the path to living an authentic life.


One reason this seems so difficult is because we have built a life on a foundation of our thoughts and beliefs. Any shift away from what we believe, could place our emotional stability on shaky ground.


With the New Year upon us, will we be courageous enough to step back and ask ourselves if we are experiencing any authentic growth? Or, are we just going through the motions, repeating the same old patterns? True, these patterns are comfortable, like a well worn pair of jeans, we know them, they make us feel at ease, and at times give us a sense of security. But at some point, it will be time to replace these threadbare jeans.


If we were to become aware of our thoughts, and the outcome of our experiences, we will notice a connection between the two. It is in this awareness that we realize we create our reality through the thoughts we think. This would mean that the life we are living is not the fault of those who refuse to change to please us, but the result of the thoughts we have been thinking.


Accepting that we create our reality through the thoughts we think, is the ultimate truth for those who choose to live a life of self-accountability. We can no longer ignore our responsibility to ourselves by blaming others for the way life has unfolded.


Another aspect of paying attention to the thoughts we think, is recognizing how often we allow the behavior of others to disrupt our inner peace. We can choose the old pair of jeans, or we can decide on a new course of action by remaining so emotionally centered that the behavior of others no longer bothers us. This way we are in control of how the world impacts our life.


Now the question becomes, what if we were aware of our thoughts, and their potential to create the life we have always wanted to live, but were too afraid to do so because change makes us uncomfortable? 

Yet if we can create our dream life through our thoughts, we don’t have to spend time wearing jeans that don’t serve our best interest. We can focus on the life we want, and if it is in alignment with the truth of who we are, it will come to be.


You may be thinking that thoughts are not that powerful, but you would be wrong. Look at all the innovations in technology within the past ten, twenty, or thirty years. Someone thought these ideas into creation, and they are being used every day. Everything humanity has ever accomplished began as a thought.


Rather than ask others to change to please us, or wish the world was a certain way, we can begin the process of changing the world by the thoughts we think. Who needs a New Year’s resolution when we can shift our life in a positive direction by thinking the thoughts that are in alignment with our inner truth.


How will we know if we are on the path to realizing our inner truth? If a thought brings us true, unconditional joy and happiness, then the thought is in alignment with our authentic self. If things don’t work out, there is something better waiting for us.


A great way to start a new year or a new day, would be by asking ourselves what is it we want to change in our life, then thinking the thoughts that will allow it into existence. Why is it we haven’t accepted this responsibility until now? Is it because our old jeans bring us such comfort, it can be a challenge to part with them?


Why is it? Let me know what you think. Leave a question or comment below. I’m always interested in hearing what you think.


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What if we were to break it down into a simpler form? What if we were to say, “Just for today.” As in, just for today, I’ll eat more fresh greens. Just for today, I’ll walk to the end of the street or driveway. Just for today, I’ll silence my negative self-talk. This way we set ourselves up for success.


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