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I once read an interview with American comedian Phyllis Diller. When asked about her success, she said she owed it to her wish list. Phyllis then explained that she created a list of things she wanted in her life. She also revealed how many items on her list came to be, everything from being a ground breaking comedian, sharing her humor with audiences around the world, to opening the door for other female comedians.


This got me thinking about the dreams and goals I had. I quickly found a page in the back of my journal and proceeded to create my own wish list. It may not seem something this simple could help in accomplishing our goals, or the fruition of our dreams, yet I am continually surprised at how effective this can be.


Phyllis also recommended reading our wish list from time to time. What this does is add energy to our ability to create the best life possible. It also gives us an opportunity to cross off those things that have come into our lives.


It might appear too simple, but creating a wish list give focus to what we want in our lives. It’s easy to say we want a certain thing, but by writing it on a list we give it life, even if this life is just energetic. If we believe that all life is energy, then this is the beginning of manifesting what is true and right for us.


Another trick my wife and I use to manifest a desire is to write it on a piece of paper then stick it in a prominent place where the note will be seen throughout the day. We often choose to place our note on the refrigerator door. Other people I know stick it to the bathroom mirror causing them to see it at the beginning of their day, and evening before going to bed. I’ve even heard stories of people sticking their wish list to the dashboard of their car so they can read it during their commute.


One of the lessons I’ve learned with my wish list, is I can get in the way of my goals manifesting. This may seem crazy but at times the best we can do for our success is to get out of the way and allow the forces of the universe to work its magic.


Let’s face it many of us are impatient, we want something and we want it now. We are in too much of a rush to allow it to unfold as it should. Sure, while being in a hurry we may manifest something that looks similar to our dreams, although not exactly. It may be later when that perfect something comes along, we realize we rushed our decision, and now are too committed to change our plans.


It can be tough to wait for the ideal job while unemployed, or the perfect mate while sitting alone on a Friday night, but this is where being patient is so important to manifesting our dreams. As It is said, “Good things take time.”

When I think of the long, successful career Phyllis Diller enjoyed, it may seem difficult to comprehend it came to be because she wrote a wish list in a notebook. But when our heart is behind our dreams, and these dreams have true meaning, who knows, our wish list just might be the ticket to a life we never thought possible.


How would your life be different if you created a wish list to manifest your dreams. Let me know what you think. Leave a comment below. I always enjoy hearing from you.


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