The word integrity gets thrown around a lot lately, but for good reason. It appears that few people can keep their word, accept an apology, or even accept the rule of law. It is sad because our integrity reflects how we feel about ourselves and the world around us.


If our intention is to live to the fullness of who we are, our actions must be in alignment with the love found at the core of our being. We cannot disrespect someone and assume we are in alignment with this love.


The interesting thing about life is people tell you who they are, not by their words, but by their actions. We can mouth honorable words all we want, but if our actions do not match these words, we lack integrity.


This is where real, honest self-examination serves us best. We may not realize our actions run counter to our words. How often do we see people who have no money complaining about those who do? There is much truth to the statement that says, “you will always be criticized by those who are doing less then you.” We lack integrity when we slander those who appear to have more successful lives than we do.


Yet why is that? We believe we have integrity, our friends agree with us, isn’t that enough? Well no! Integrity is a state of consciousness. It cannot be confused with judgement, or a feeling of superiority because we don’t agree with how life has treated us. Our life is a direct result of the choices we have made. By blaming the world for our problems we lack integrity. We fail to accept responsibility for our choices and the results of these decisions.


Having integrity is knowing that where we are right now is because of the choices we have made in the past. No matter how life has turned out, we accept the outcome. We stand tall knowing we did the best we could, and accept that we are the reason we are where we are.


Integrity is knowing that at any moment we can begin the journey of connecting with our authentic truth. Those in our life may question the changes to our behavior, yet to be true to ourselves we must do the inner work to clear away the limiting beliefs we hold about the world around us.


Oftentimes the people we associate with may support our lack of integrity. Their beliefs align with ours, so there is no need to challenge any poor behavior. We may support them because they support us in our game of blaming the world for our current situation.


To live a life with integrity, we must shed the false beliefs we came to accept as true. We do this by asking if the belief is rooted in love. Not just a love for those like us, a love for all people. An unconditional love that holds no limitations or restrictions.


When we connect with this love, our words begin to match our actions. We accept responsibility for how we react to the world, and how the world reacts to us. As we go through the day we realize that how we interact with others reflects our integrity. If we notice we are being hurtful, condescending, vindictive or critical, we have work to do.


The depth of our integrity is proportional to our level of self-love. The deeper we love ourselves, the more integrity we have. This can be a double edged sword, because we often think our ego driven behavior is self-love, but it is not. True integrity is a love based way of walking through life. If there is no love there is no integrity.


Is it possible to see the connection between self-love and our integrity? Let me know what you think. Leave a question or comment below. I’m always interested in hearing from you.


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Peace and well-being, Paul


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