Thank Yourself


Why is it we seem to give thanks for everything but ourselves. When was the last time you looked in the mirror and thanked yourself? Why thank yourself? In truth, no other person gets up in the morning and lives your life for you. You do it all by yourself.


Of course we have help from others and those we love, but we have to do the work of showing up for ourselves no matter what is going on around us. For that we should thank ourselves.


This may appear narcissistic, giving ourselves a pat on the back, yet is this the case? What is wrong with thanking ourselves with a pat on our own back. At times we need our own approval, our own cheering section. Why do we overlook the simple task of thanking ourselves for the effort we put into our life?


This isn’t an ego driven act of self-aggrandizing. This is an act of true self-love, showing appreciation for all the things we do to keep our life flowing as smoothly as possible. Sometimes it’s easy, while other times it’s a heck of a challenge. This is a simple, powerful act of self-respect.


It may be difficult to look in the mirror and thank ourselves, because most of the time the reflection we see, is judged as not good enough, or as could be doing better. Where do these negative forms of self-judgement originate?


Often we use the unrealistic standards of society as a measure of our worth and success. Do these standards have any basis in truth? Who knows, and who cares. We know ourselves better than anyone, so why do we care what society thinks of us?


If we believe we are doing our best with the challenges we face, then we should thank ourselves for being honest with ourselves. If we succumb to the pressures of society, creating an identity that is widely accepted by others, we have given up on trying to be authentic.


Yet if we do the work of connecting with our inner truth, then we will live a happier life. A life that has more meaning, and value to ourselves. Even if others cannot understand our journey, their hesitation should not be our concern.


This may appear rather simple, being true to ourselves, yet it takes courage, and stamina. Others think we should live and behave a certain way, because this will please them. In doing so we may end up miserable, unhappy, and afraid to look at ourselves in the mirror.


With each step toward our authenticity, we will feel new energy flowing through our being. This is how we will know we are on the right path. It is here in the early stages of self-discovery that thanking ourselves may be the emotional boost we need to carry on.


Remember, we get dressed each and every day and then put one foot in front of the other. We pick ourselves up when we stumble. Sure we may have those who support us, but we still have to do the inner and outer work. To be true to ourselves this work just doesn’t happen on its own.


Thank yourself for having the courage to keep grinding forward, when it appears that the odds are against you. When we keep moving forward, no matter how slowly, we shift the odds in our favor.


Thank yourself for not giving up on yourself when you have had enough. Thank yourself for speaking your truth when others wanted you to remain silent. Thank yourself for having faith in your dream, when others couldn’t see it.


Thank yourself for starting that new venture. Thank yourself for quitting when it didn’t resonate deep within you. Thank yourself for looking in the mirror and thanking yourself for looking recognizing your true worth.


As life moves forward, challenges may arise, tensions may flare, yet love and compassion are always close to one’s lips and heart. Thank yourself for being the bearer of kindness and generosity. This is the best gift you can give to others and yourself.


Can you look in the mirror and thank yourself for working through the challenges you face? Let me know what you think. Leave a question or comment below. I’m always open to hearing your point of view.


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Is the root cause of boredom fear? If we are bored, are we too afraid to try something new? Or too insecure to be a beginner at something? Sure trying new things can make us uncomfortable, but a rewarding life will be found outside of our comfort zone.


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Peace and well-being, Paul


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