It’s so easy to point a finger at others, complaining about their behavior. Blaming them for our unhappiness, our pain and anger, even our fear of walking into the unknown. Believing it’s all their fault, they are the reasons we are miserable. If we can’t find a reason we create one just to prove our point.


We do this as a way to boosts our fragile ego, making us feel worthy. Do we judge them harshly because we are too afraid to look at our own behavior? Are we willing to place ourselves under the same scrutiny?


It can be difficult to accept that the way our life is right now is because of the actions we have taken. Even if someone has harmed us emotionally, our healing is our responsibility. We can blame them all we want. We can point a finger at them for the pain they have caused, but are we strong enough to point that same finger at ourselves asking, what are we doing for our healing?


The path to healing can be as painful as the event that caused our pain. We may have to spend time examining our behavior to see if we are playing a role in keeping our pain active in our consciousness. As we blame others we are adding fuel to the fire of our pain. We are taking precious energy away from our ability to heal.


Why is it difficult to look in the mirror and accept responsibility to heal ourselves? Are we waiting for an apology? Thinking one will ignite the healing process? What happens if an apology is never given? Do we continue to stew, allowing our pain to morph into anger? What then?


Is it possible we are just too angry to heal? Could our pain and anger be the fuel that carries us through the day? Using our pain as a battle cry for justice or revenge. Any negative reaction can be much easier than walking the path to healing. Why is it we fail to realize our anger does more harm to ourselves than it does to those who mistreated us?


We often see those who have been hurt by others seeking people to create a gang of supporters. This group of people encourages each other to focus more on the pain than the healing process. Is it because there is strength and safety in numbers? The more people who agree with our story, the less likely we are to forgive or heal? We find their support invigorating causing us to keep our anger alive.


What good does this behavior do for us? All that happens is we become prisoners of our anger. We are trapped in a downward spiral, reliving our pain while energizing our anger. Nothing good will ever come from this, yet we feel we are justified by our actions.


In behaving this way, we fail to realize that with each passing day, we separate ourselves from the comfort we are seeking. This comfort is our own self-love. Pointing a finger in blame prevents us from loving ourselves enough to begin the work of healing.


While in a state of pain and anger we want someone to love us. That’s why we seek others to join in on our suffering. Yet people who join us in our pain and anger, are not experiencing their own self-love either. If they were, they would encourage us to love ourselves enough to begin the healing process.


Most of the time those who love themselves distance themselves from those who boast about the pain others have caused. They see no point in becoming involved in this type of negativity. They know that to step into the quagmire of negativity is to get pulled away from their own self-love. In behaving this way we realize we have done a disservice to those in pain and ourselves.


The moment we notice we are joining in, or pointing a finger of blame, we should pull back and ask ourselves why have we stepped away from our path to healing? The game of blame is never won, it is always a losing proposition. In  playing the blame game we lose touch with the purest form of love we will ever experience in our physical body, our own self-love.


Can we make the tough choices to walk away from our pain and anger, thereby beginning the healing process? Let me know what you think. Scroll to the bottom of the page to leave a question or comment. I always enjoy hearing your point of view.


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