Why Not Me


Having recently sent my third book to my editor for proofreading and formatting, self-doubt began to show its ugly face. That unhealthy voice saying, “Who are you to think you can write this kind of book?” “Who are you to even think you can write books in the first place?”


Even though I’m in a good place emotionally with my writing and this book in particular, self-doubt is always there. Yet I think it’s something many of us struggle with. The challenge begins when we are feeling a bit insecure or unsure of ourselves. Then self-doubt can come on quickly, crashing down on us like a tsunami.


Rather than allow my self-doubt to steamroll me, I turned the question around and asked, “Why not me?” “Who says I can’t write books?” Why can’t I follow my heart and live to the fullness of who I am?” “Why can’t I see how far I can go?”


One of the problems with the ‘Who am I to think  I can . . .” line of questioning is it can become a roadblock preventing us from living to our full potential. When we ask ourselves, “Who do I think I am . . .?” we are defeating ourselves before we even begin.


That’s tragic because each of us has unlimited potential. All we have to do is learn to love ourselves so deeply we can ignore our negative self-talk. Then trust that when we begin the journey, to see what we can accomplish, we continue to support ourselves no matter what the nasty voice of self-doubt says.


Another aspect that gives this line of negative self-talk strength is our belief that we need some kind of pedigree, special training, or a diploma from a certain school before we can follow a dream. In a way we want outside validation before we can begin. The truth is we don’t need validation from others. If we feel true to ourselves then we are on the right track.


The crazy thing about the world we live in is there are very few people who will encourage us to see how far we can go. Most people are comfortable with us as long as we stay within arm’s reach. When we break free from their comfort zone to explore the unknown, we often lose the support of those who claim to love us. Yet we cannot allow that to stop us from pursuing our dreams.


Like anything in life, we grow from the mistakes we make along the way. If we are too afraid of making mistakes, we will never learn what we need to be successful. Fear can cause us to run in the opposite direction, or it can teach us important lessons. How we handle our fears will determine if we ask,  “Why not me?” Or “Who am I to think I could?”


The thing about the voice that tells us “Who are you to think you could . . .?” it’s a voice that has been taught to us throughout life. I can think of a number of times when I was told I would never be able to do certain things. This was told to me by people who claim to have had my best interest as their main focus. The sad thing is when we hear these words, we believe them because we trust the people who say them.


As time rolls past we can choose to believe these words, or we can learn to ignore them. The outcome of our life will tell us which choice we made. Yet it takes courage to remain true to ourselves. It can be too easy to give up when life gets tough.


I have met many talented people who end up believing their self-doubt and negative self-talk. They are not happy because they are stuck, wondering how life would be different if they had only moved toward their dreams.


Doing work that is true to our heart may not be easy. With our self-doubt and negative self-talk, along with the doubts of those around us it can be tempting to throw in the towel. But how will we feel when we have no more time left to follow through with what made our heart sing? What will we say to ourselves?


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My intention is to have my latest book, “Abundance to Zen: Wisdom for a Fulfilling Life” available by early May 2024. I’ll keep you updated.


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Think of all the things that go on in a single day. So many decisions, choices, and challenges. Each of these is a test. How we react to these events will determine the outcome of our future. If we act out of anger, karma kicks in and we can expect the same behavior being returned to us. Although if we see the lessons in these situations and choose to behave through the love found at the core of our being, then love will be the way the world interacts with us.


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Peace and well-being, Paul


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